Please help us prepare a new Czech edition of Manipulative Therapy!

The latest generation of physiotherapists and doctors treating their patients for pain in their locomotor system do not have an up-to-date reference book to consult. Help us to produce a new edition of the textbook that is the basis for studies of diagnosis and treatment of functional problems of the locomotor system.

Professor Karel Lewit, neurologist and nestor of Czech rehabilitation, wrote an immortal textbook for all physiotherapists and doctors who treat patients with their hands – manually. His insights are the source of the ability to treat problems of the locomotor system by professionals all over the world.

The textbook is no longer available in the Czech Republic (5th edition, Sdělovací technika) and the new generation no longer has a source to learn from. Professor Lewit was known to continually search for new knowledge and to include these new insights into his textbook. The most recent version is the 2009 edition in English (Manipulative Therapy, Churchill Livingstone). We respect the wish of Professor Lewit that this last edition with the latest observations be translated and published.

In order to publish the Manipulative Therapy textbook again, in the name of the Karel Lewit Foundation Fund, we need 300 000 Kč for a translation.

In spite of today’s modern robotic-instrumental world view, human hands are irreplacable in the treatment of pain in the locomotor system.

Thank you for your help in the education of the next generation of medical staff that will be able to treat pain with their hands!

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