The origins of the Foundation Fund

The new Foundation Fund was officially presented during a conference that took place in the Center for Complex Therapy in Dobřichovice, on the occasion of deceased Professor Karel Lewit’s 100th anniversary. The conference was attended by guests from the Czech Republic, as well as several physicians from 8 European countries, and his three daughters. Indeed, it was they who invited an initial meeting of friends and colleagues after Professor Karel Lewit passed away on October 2014. We were asked to look at and perhaps sort through a large amount of professional material he left behind.

About the Foundation Fund

We are physiotherapists, all direct pupils of Professor Karel Lewit, neurologist and rehabilitation specialist, with whom we have been collaborating for years. Each of us has her own practice, or teaches and has a group in a health center. We teach, organise talks, seminars, are active in various groups related to physiotherapy or psychosomatics. This work is our professional link; we have known each other for years. Nevertheless, we all met for the first time in the Lewit home in Dobřichovice in order to preserve his professional heritage,when he passed away in October 2014, aged 98.


“He who treats in the site of pain only, is lost”

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