Voice and Breath with Jana Lewitová

Kdy: 27th September 2019; 1st November 2019; 29th November 2019
Kde: Center for Complex Therapy Roseta, Prague

Do you use your voice a lot at work and you wish to learn to speak freely and naturally? Do you have a problem with your vocal chords and you’d like to relieve it? Do you wish to get over your timidity? Would you like to feel how, under gentle guidance, you can express your natural self? Would you like to learn to sing in spite of being convinced you are hopeless? You can learn to use singing as an appropriate form of auto-relaxation. With simple exercises, Jana Lewitová guides her clients to relax tensions, subconscious blockages and unnatural habits which impede free breathing and the spontaneous, natural voice expression. Her clients gradually find out themselves all the possibilities of their voice that they had never even realised.

This course is in Czech.


Inscriptions: http://www.roseta.cz/seminare/category/pro-laiky/


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