Form, function, facilitation

The course Form – function – facilitation provides a basis to Clara Lewit’s approach to therapy.

The theoretical part will cover: what the form of the human body can tell about the functioning of its mobility; the importance of awareness (tactile in particular) for the function of mobility. The lecturer will then concentrate on muscle tension and coordination. During the practical part he will give a detailed demonstration of an examination of a patient, therapeutical impulses and the awareness of the patient’s reactions. Physiotherapy of function is an approach where the physiotherapist uses the structure (body), the tension of soft tissues and the reactions of the ENTIRE patient to READ the function, movements, behaviour, his general state and the possibilities of change towards an optimum.

Therapy is a DIALOGUE between the patient and the therapist. The therapist searches for appropriate approaches and accompanies the patient in ACTIVE learning of new means of regulation of tensions, coordination of movement, awareness and (motional) lifestyle, which will be optimal for that unique being, the patient.

The course will be in Czech.

Organised by : Centrum komplexní péče Sámova

Dates: 11-13 10 October 2019

Lecturer: Mgr. Marek Král

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